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A Definitive Review of Male Erectile Enhancement Methods

In my last two articles I proposed that many men want a larger penis out of choice and not because they have a physical problem. Some men may benefit from a consultation with a medical specialist before randomly trying out different male erectile enhancement methods and penis size always matters (e.g. it can make a difference to physical sensations). A number of factors influence penis size but the main one is your ancestry. In addition the size of an erect penis is limited by:

1. The amount of blood that flows into it and the amount of blood that is prevented from flowing out (e.g. due to the core muscles constricting vessels at the base of the corpora cavernosa).

2. The net volume of blood that can be held in it without blood vessel damage (i.e. the physical size of penis tissue and the length of the suspensory ligament and surrounding skin at the base of the penis that restrict how far the penis comes out of the lower abdomen).

3. Aesthetic aspects that limit perceived penis size (e.g. the fat pad above the penis base, pubic hair and a beer belly!).

Penis enlargement may be achieved by addressing any of these factors and the magnitude of the benefits will depend on the physical makeup of an individual. This is one of the reasons why you should not believe 95% of the internet marketing exaggerations (lies) about how large the benefits will be. Most men will have size gains much smaller than the advertising claims and it will take years not months to see the very worthwhile but smaller benefits.

Male erectile enhancement methods can be categorised in many ways. The following is based on the timescale of the benefits from temporary to permanent.

1. Category 1: Sex toys: cock ring, penis and/or scrotum strap and penis pump.

2. Category 2: Libido supplements (and penis enlargement supplements): pills and creams.

3. Category 3: Natural penis enlargement: penis exercises, scrotum massage, core exercises, healthy diet, natural libido foods and a healthy lifestyle.

4. Category 4: Penis stretch devices: penis enlargement extender, penis weight hanging and penis stretch strapping.

5. Category 5: Penis enlargement surgery (e.g. ligament incisions and penis implants).

This is a summary of all male erectile enhancement methods:

In the first category cock rings, straps, penis pumps (at least the cheaper ones normally available) and creams or oils can be considered as sex toys. The reason for this is simple. They are cheap, reliable and provide quick but temporary penis enlargement and a harder erection. Don't expect penis health or sperm quality to improve but the excitement factor can produce stronger ejaculations and increase cum.

On the other side of the coin they don't increase penis length or increase penis girth as much as some of the other methods. There is also a health risk if cock rings are left on for too long (medium risk) or a penis pump is used too frequently and strongly (high risk of erection problems and blood vessel damage).

The second category contains supplements, mainly in the form of pills and the best contain natural plant extracts that have been used in traditional cultures for a long time (i.e. time has proven their usefulness). There is no evidence to suggest that there are long term benefits to using supplements after they are discontinued but there are plenty of testimonials about temporary benefits. These are mainly in the form of increased libido, erection hardness and stronger orgasms (more intense and an increase in cum). I have never found any scientific evidence of long term penis enlargement benefits.

The quality of the ingredients and manufacturing processes are absolutely critical both to their effectiveness and your health. The benefits are also dependent on your physical makeup and may be negligible if you do not need the benefits that they provide (e.g. if increased blood flow to the penis is the not limiting penis size).

There are also a lot of testimonials suggesting that you can become resistant to their benefits after a period of prolonged use. In the worst case the ingredients or the quality of the ingredients can actually make you ill. Overall, supplements are expensive because they of the temporary and variable benefits. Having said all this it is very quick and easy to simply try out some of the branded and well known products and decide for yourself if they help you.

Category 3 contains what I would call truly natural penis enlargement methods. By this I mean methods where you do not need to buy a physical penis enlargement product and only need the knowledge of what to do (i.e. an informational product). Obviously this category is not popular with a lot of internet marketers because there are less possibilities to sell you something!

Informational products such as some of the penis enlargement books are very informative and good value. However, I have tried some of the penis enlargement membership sites and in my opinion you can find the information that they provide elsewhere for free and they are very expensive. Therefore I don't include them in this category (or any category) and unless you are a geek whose whole life revolves around penis enlargement, save your money.

Slightly off at a tangent there but what I have included in this category are penis exercises, scrotum massage, core exercises, a healthy diet, natural libido foods and a healthy lifestyle. The irony is that this category contains the safest and most consistently beneficial male erectile enhancement methods and they are FREE!

If you have a healthy lifestyle (e.g. enough deep sleep), a healthy diet, possibly supplemented with specific natural libido foods and you regularly undertake certain exercises you will achieve some of the best results possible. You will feel and look better and not only improve your general health but also have a healthier reproduction system. For example, harder erections, a larger penis, better orgasm control, stronger orgasms and a healthier prostate gland.

Ok, I know what you might be thinking now. You don't have time for a healthy lifestyle or even exercises of any sort. Well, that is why I also make product recommendations that cover some of the other categories. They are not free and in my opinion not as effective but you can make your own mind up about this!

Category 4 includes all the products that you can buy to undertake a penis stretch. There is a very wide range of costs in this category but in general you pay for what you get. However, I only recommend buying penis enlargement extenders because they allow much better control over how much force is applied to stretch the penis. This is important because all of these devices present a higher risk of injury than the natural methods. In the worst case you risk temporary or permanent impotence.

Correctly applied they offer faster and possibly larger penis enlargement results. Bear in mind that this is all they do and don't expect the results that they claim e.g. 1 to 3 inches in a few months. For most men this is a complete exaggeration unless you want to put your life on hold for a few years and do nothing else except wear one of these devices. Having said this they do work, they will make your penis longer and thicker.

Whatever the marketing hype says I have yet to see or try one that is comfortable (the main problem is where they attach under the penis head and lack of blood circulation). You will need to be pretty dedicated and willing to sit around at home for hours on end in some discomfort! Many of the companies claim that they can be worn under normal clothing and you can go about your normal routine. I will only say that they must be joking! It is also very easy to apply too much force even if you try to follow the guidelines. You should expect short period of time (e.g. a couple of days) when your erections will become very weak due to small amounts of unavoidable overload (force and/or lack of appropriate rest).

Finally category 5 includes all surgical solutions. They are very expensive, carry a high health risk and based on patient testimonials not very effective. However, it should be pointed out that these procedures are mainly intended for men with serious physical problems that can not be solved using any other method. They are not intended for healthy men with an average sized penis but of course everything is possible at a price. I have only included them for completeness.

So, in summary:

1. Sex toys such as cock rings and the cheaper versions of penis pumps provide an excellent route to harder and larger erections at low cost. However, the results are temporary and you need to be careful about how frequently and long you use them.

2. Libido supplements have hit and miss benefits. If you choose one of the better brands they can provide increased libido, harder erections and increase cum but they are expensive and temporary.

3. Natural penis enlargement methods provide by far the best and safest option (in fact they can transform your general health as well, helping you to feel and look fantastic).

4. Penis stretch devices can provide the largest penis enlargement results but no more. They carry larger risks, are less convenient (you must be dedicated to use them) and I only recommend penis enlargement extenders.

5. Penis surgery should only be used by men that have no other option - it is risky, very expensive, provides highly variable results and if it goes wrong you are left with a serious lifelong problem.

Many of the product categories WILL provide worthwhile penis enlargement benefits, be they temporary or permanent, cheap or expensive. If you want more than this (e.g. more intense orgasms, increase cum, a healthier reproduction system and better general health) there is only one option - natural penis enlargement methods. This includes penis exercise, scrotum massage, core exercises, healthy diet, natural libido foods and a healthy lifestyle.

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