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Career Oriented Programme in Finance

Certified Financial Planner Programme

Being a certified financial planner, you can work for reputed companies all across the world. It is a highly respected positing in the finance sector that gives the freedom to manage the finance of a company and prepare the company to face every critical financial situation boldly and efficiently. In other words, Working in challenging fields is offered to CFP holders such as insurance planning, retirement planning, employee benefits, tax planning and estate planning. It develops entrepreneur skills and motive to start your own business. To become a certified financial planner, it is must to pass the CFP exam. The qualified students get CFP certificate which is internationally accepted financial planning certificate. The program is valid in more than 20 countries. Today, CFP has more than 1 lakh qualified members working across the world. It is one of the most respected certification for finance. If you wish to qualify CFP, it is good to enrol to courses that prepare the candidates for CFP and at the same time provides enhance the qualification. This is an excellent way to qualify CFP. If you wish to know about these courses, go through the article.

MBA in Financial Planning (Incorporates CFP Curriculum)

Your goal to become a certified financial planner can be fulfilled through the course. The program curriculum is designed as per the course standard of CFP. It covers all major subjects, necessary to study while preparing for certified financial planning such as risk analysis & insurance planning, retirement planning & employee benefits, investment planning and tax & estate planning. The objective of the program is to enhance the self-decision making skills. It focuses on learning through case studies so that deep understanding of financial planning can be gained. Well-experienced teachers are appointed to provide focus on each subject of the course. There are around 4 semesters that cover the whole subjects of the program. The teacher and student ratio is of moderate rate so that each student gets proper attention. The innovative study experience is tried to provide that includes lectures, case studies, practical training and internship. The course increase the knowledge of financial planning well and prepare the candidates to face the CFP exam well.

MBA in Financial Analysis (Incorporates CFA Curriculum)

It is a 2-year full time program which curriculum prepares the candidates for the CFA exam and able them to find career in the financial sectors like insurance agencies, banks etc€¦ The program aims to focus on deep knowledge of finance. It covers various major subjects of CFA course curriculum. It also teaches the business management strategies, business statistics, marketing, leadership and organization behaviour, customer behaviour relationship and much more which are required to being a successful entrepreneur.

PG Diploma in Financial Planning

If you are interested in a fast track program that enhances the qualification and at the same time, prepare you for CFP exam, it is better to join one year PG Diploma in Financial Planning.
These are some top programs to do to become a CFP. These professional courses in finance can prepare you well for the internationally well recognized financial planning certification.

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