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Graphic Comparison And System Requirements

The system requirements for Star Trek Online fall into the usual pattern of online role-playing games: very low minimal requirements to achieve the widest possible audience, and high scalability, so players get more powerful sto credits computers provided with a respectable graphics.

star trek Game

According to extensive is the options menu of Star Trek Online, which includes a plethora of settings in several steps, which you can customize the game to the smallest detail on your hardware. We have picked out for you why the main controller and tested extensively on the performance of our test platforms. However, you should take the time to experiment with the options to find the best compromise between graphic splendor and power.

1280x800, minimal

In the minimal detail preset annoying especially bad resolution textures and a lack of post-processing effects.


Low ambient textures lead to very faded surfaces. If your graphics card has little graphics memory, this setting creates problem.


With the character textures is true in principle as with the ambient textures also.
Screen Space Ambient Occlusion


The calculation of indirect light makes the game world seem real, but costs on old computers too much power.

Tips and Tricks

Star Trek Online has a lot of graphics options. Choose the coarse adjust the recommended level in our table setting and adjust after then.

Soil emissions need more power than spaceflight

In the ground missions were for our tests to Nachladerucklern - even on powerful systems.

The default "recommended" the game is usually not an optimal and easy to correct.


1.0 GB RAM (XP), 1.5 GB RAM (Vista / 7)
12.0 GB hard disk space
Shader 3.0 graphics card
DirectX 9.0c

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