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Construction Management Superintendent Jobs

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      Within the field of construction management, construction superintendents can play the role of construction manager; many opportunities exist within this field. Construction managers and superintendents supervise all phases of various construction projects. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the number of jobs for construction managers will increase by 17 percent by 2018. This rate is almost double the average for all other professions.

    Project Superintendent

    • Project superintendents are supervisors who oversee either one or several tasks in the construction process. Project superintendents often work under the construction manager who oversees the entire operation, but some superintendents may, in fact, oversee most or all of a project in some cases. Project superintendents will often work closely with not only the construction manager, but also the architect, building owner and others in supervisory positions. Educational requirements will vary by employer. Some employers prefer candidates with a bachelor's degree in construction management or possibly engineering. In the construction industry it is also common for employers to allow several years of experience to substitute for education. PayScale notes that the average annual salary for general construction superintendents was $55,247 to $83,121 as of August 2010.

    Civil Superintendent

    • Civil superintendents are construction managers who oversee large-scale civil engineering projects. Civil superintendents may be responsible for overseeing the buildings of roads, bridges and other type of infrastructure projects. Some civil superintendents work in facilities like nuclear power plants where they may help maintain plant operations and oversee field construction projects. Civil superintendents may be required to have a degree in civil engineering, but depending upon the specific job requirements of the employer, several years of construction supervision experience may suffice. PayScale notes that the average annual salary for construction superintendents in heavy civil construction was from $61,327 to $81,882 as of August 2010.

    Gas Distribution Superintendent

    • Gas distribution superintendents are construction managers who oversee the building of gas distribution pipelines and the delivery of natural gas to customers. Their job is to make sure that the company's operations run as efficiently as possible. Some superintendents may hire and fire employees and oversee many of the human resource operations of the company. Like most other construction management careers, gas distribution superintendents may need a bachelor's degree to be considered for employment, but some may be able to substitute experience for education. Required experience includes gas distribution experience as well as experience with trench digging and utilities. Most superintendents need to be able to manage large projects and sometimes several at a time. noted that the median annual salary of professionals in this field was $94,639 as of November 2009.

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