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How To Construct An Easy To Build Wind Turbine

Constructing a small wind generator is more than just a cool project for the DIY person.
It empowers the house owner to make its own electricity and to become self sufficient and in some cases even sell extra electricity to the utility company.
How to construct a simple wind turbine? Understanding a wind turbine is very simple and learning how to build one is just as easy.
Two options are available if you want to build a wind generator.
One: you can buy a kitset that includes everything that you need, you just have to put together the components.
Constructing everything yourself is another option that involves more work as you would have to construct the mast, build the turbine and carve the windmill blades from suitable wood.
You need to investigate the wind potential at the site before you start with your project.
Recording wind speeds over a long period at various locations will give you a very good indication of where to put up your wind generator.
Recording the wind speed can be done with a cheap wind meter.
The online wind atlas can also be queried for wind details if you don't want to build up your own wind map over time.
You need to estimate your home's power requirements with an eco-audit before you can proceed with the project.
This information is needed in the sizing of a wind turbine for your needs and it will provide you with an accurate idea of the savings you can expect from the generator when it is in service.
A wind turbine consist of the following components: the generator, the tail unit to keep the blades facing into the wind, the blades, the mast or tower, electrical components and cable and a study structure to mount it on.
Big systems can't be mounted on the roof of the house and a separate mounting pole or mast will be needed.
The whole family will enjoy working on the project and everybody should be allowed to do their part and you will need the extra hands in mounting the final product.
It will take only a couple of days to assemble the wind generator.
Only a little electrical and circuit wiring knowledge is required to connect and wire everything once the assembling is finished.
If you want to feed any surplus power back into the grid, you will require more sophisticated charge controllers and a qualified electrical assistant to do the connection and wiring for you.
The batteries must be disposed of in a safe and responsible way once they have reached the end of their life to limit the environmental risk they pose.
Battery manufacturers are developing improved technologies to keep up with the increasing demand for solar and wind power.
The same thing happened with cell phone batteries as the demand for cell phones grew.
Modern day wind generators are highly efficient and as a renewable energy source their future looks promising.
Anyone interested in constructing a wind turbine will soon discover that they have tapped into a free energy source that will provide an enduring supply for a great number of years with very little maintenance.
Confidently the article has demonstrated that a wind turbine as a renewable energy source is absolutely an efficient solution that can be implemented by any one with a DIY approach.
You can make a big dent in your utility bill or even make some money in some cases and you will have a prominent outdoor sculpture.
Using the latest technology by constructing a wind turbine will lower the impact of burning fossil fuels but it may have a steep learning curve.
Think what we can achieve if every household build a wind turbine.

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