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How to Handle Rejection From a Guy You Really Liked? Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself & Read This

Life is not always fair and love is not always reciprocated.
If you have faced rejection form a guy who you really liked and have no clue how to get out of it read on to find out how to handle this phase.
It's just a phase and it shall pass To begin your healing process you need to keep telling yourself that as bad as you may be feeling right now, this is only a phase.
And this phase is not going to be permanent.
You have lived through so many hardships and heartaches in your life and this is just another heart ache.
With time you will be fine.
Take some time off It is always a good thing to take some time off after you go through a heart break.
You need to give yourself some time to come to terms with what has happened so that you can deal with it in the right way.
Cry it out for a bit so that you can begin your healing process.
Go away for a little while Now if you go on crying you will not be able to do much.
Instead of letting your emotions and your surroundings weaken you, you should look at the change of scene.
Going away for a couple of days will make you feel a lot better.
Since you will not be seeing this guy, you will gradually be able to deal with his memory a lot better.
Look at some positive distractions Once you get back you need to make sure that you keep yourself occupied so that you are not haunted by his thoughts.
So look at getting some positive distractions.
Focus on your interests or hobbies or look at doing some community work.
Helping others will take your mind off your own problems.
Also the more you stay busy and occupied you the lesser will you think of your man.
Don't take the rejection personally You have to bear in mind you cannot take this rejection personally.
It is not necessary for every man that you like to like you back just like you don't reciprocate favorably to every man who says he has feelings for you.
It is just a case of a hit and miss.
Figure out why he rejected you in the first place Look within yourself to figure out why exactly he said no to you.
Is he already with someone or did you come across too strongly? Look at the real reason and then take action.
Work on your confidence levels Lastly, don't let your confidence levels suffer because of this rejection.
If you feel that you have hit an all time low then go for counseling and sort out your issues.

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