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Planning For Your First Ski Vacation

Even if you've never been on skis before, a ski vacation is a great choice for your next getaway.
You will experience breathtaking natural beauty, some of the cleanest mountain air you'll ever find, and you'll get some really good exercise while having a lot of fun! A ski vacation is great for a family holiday, a romantic getaway, or to go with a bunch of friends.
Ski vacations are something that everyone will enjoy, whether you are a beginner or an expert Alpine skier.
If this is your first ski vacation you may be wondering what to bring and how to prepare.
As for the actual equipment - skis, poles, boots and safety gear - these items can all be rented at just about any ski resort you go to, or at a local ski shop near the resort.
You will probably need to buy your own goggles and helmet, as most places don't rent these out.
If this is your first time on skis, you will want to book a lesson on your first day at the ski resort.
This will cover the basics and get you started with the basic techniques, safety and slope etiquette.
As far as what to pack, for your time on the slopes, you will need to dress in layers.
Start with thermal long underwear and long-sleeved undershirt, preferably made of cotton.
Then a lightweight wool or fleece sweater and pants.
Finally, a waterproof, insulated ski jacket and ski pants tops it all off.
Of course, don't forget gloves, hats, scarves or turtlenecks too.
Of course, just because you are on a ski vacation doesn't mean you will be out on the slopes the whole time.
Don't forget to pack for other activities that you plan to do as well.
Depending on which ski resort you're going to, there are usually other fun attractions nearby, as well as shopping, nightlife and sightseeing.

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