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The Fastest Way to Become a Martial Arts Teacher

The most respected career in the world is that of the Martial Arts Instructor.
The guy who teaches Aikido or Jujitsu is surrounded at parties by people wishing to know about what he is doing.
People listen to his words like they are gold, and frequently, what he says does turn out to be gold.
Somebody who has the wish to be a Karate Master or a Taekwondo Master has got to be in the best condition of his life.
This means hecan work out for long hours, and still has explosive power, no matter how long and hard he has been working out, on the moment.
Anybody can have this type of physical condition if they are willing to work and dedicate themselves.
To become a Martial Arts Teacher one must be a hard worker.
He has to be willing to work with people long hours, six days of the week.
This is sometimes hard to do, but a person who really loves the art will have no difficulty with this kind of schedule, doing something like Kenpo is that much fun.
The most crucial thing, however, if one wishes to launch themselves into this incredibly exciting profession, is that they must know the combat arts better than than anybody.
They must study and practice as many different martial disciplines as they can, and know as many martial arts techniques as they can.
One never knows when a situation will arise, even when instructing, which will require that extra bit of knowledge.
Sometimes a curious student will put up a 'what if,' and that question must be handled with confidence and competence.
And, there is always the rare chance of a challenge, some bad *ss bully will saunter into your martial art dojo and demand a match.
A good karate instructor will deal with that fellow, hopefully without violence, but handle the bully he has to! The best method for making a fighting arts master with this much confidence and knowledge, with the ability to take down the largest gangbanger in the world with no fuss or bother, is probably Matrix Martial Arts.
There will be argument, of course, but Matrixing, in the right hands, is the fastest way of learning martial arts that are fast, functional, and Johnny knock your block off! Matrixing is actually a logical method that has been used to teach arts as varied as Ninjitsu, capoeira, and, get this, medieval swordfighting! With Matrixing one logically evaluates the possibility of combat, takes into account everything that could happen, and then selects the right answer to the problem.
Of course, even with matrixing, one must train hard and work long hours, but, again, it is so much fun that it really isn't even work.
Now, if Matrixing isn't what you want, then you should take a gander at JKD training methods, kung fu training drills, or some other way that gives quick, fast results.
After all, even if you decide not to be a combatives teacher, you should know how to protect yourself and those you love.
And that is the straight skinny on how to become a martial arts teacher in the fastest possible time.

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