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2 Tips That Will Develop Your Lower Abs Fast

Here's 2 tips that will help you develop your lower abdominal muscle.
These 2 techniques only require a couple minutes of your time to complete.
So, if you want to know how to lose stubborn lower belly fat fast, then read this article entirely.
2 tips that will develop your lower abs fast 1.
Lose lower belly fat by doing scissor kicks Nothing is better for the lower abs than creating tension in that area.
This exercise along with healthy eating can help you lose 3-4 inches from your waistline in 4-6 weeks.
The important thing to remember when doing this exercise is that you must hold and squeeze the abdominal muscle at the top of the movement.
Tension that's placed on the lower stomach during this exercise will stimulate fat loss fast.
Here's how you properly perform the scissor kicks.
Lay flat on your back with your hands tucked underneath your buttocks, then alternate your legs up and down like a scissor.
Make sure that your shoulders are off the floor and looking straight ahead when your performing this exercise.
For best results, do the scissor kicks for approximately 20-45 seconds straight for beginners, and 2-3 minutes for advanced individuals.
Use resistance bands to target the lower abs You've walked by them in the retail store before, they are small in size, very affordable, and overlooked by many people.
Well, let me be the first to tell you that resistance bands does wonders against belly fat.
The bands can mirror any exercise like lunges, squats, and even shoulder press.
You can use the bands to put tension on the lower abs.
All you do is grab the base of the bands, and find a secure immovable object to wrap the band around.
The stationary object will serve as your anchor.
Now pull the band towards you, while squeezing your abs.
This exercise can be a little difficult as it put a lot of tension on the lower stomach.
If you are really serious about losing fat in your lower stomach, then I suggest doing these 2 exercises 2-3 times a week.

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