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French Oral Presentation Ideas

    Country Presentations

    • There are many countries in addition to France where French is the national language or where it is often used in literature or films. Ask students to choose a French-speaking country and do a oral presentation about that country. This encourages research and lets them know that French is a widely spoken language.

    Famous Artist Presentation

    • Have students choose an artist, musician or writer from France or whose work is done in the French language. Ask them to present a piece of work from that individual to the class. They can play music from a composer or show the class a famous painting, or even read a brief written selection to the class.

    Historical Person Presentation

    • In this presentation, students choose a person from French history who interests them. They learn about that person, then taken on their personality to relate an historic incident. Consider offering extra credit to students who don a costume for their oral presentation.


    • Divide the students into pairs and give them a basic scenario in which two people might be talking together. Instruct them to flesh out that basic idea and write a short dialogue that involves that theme. This can be a good project for students who may be a little shy and it can also help students pick up the rhythms of spoken French.

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