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How to Unthaw Frozen Water Pipes

    • 1). Turn on all faucets. This will allow you to determine the general area of the frozen pipe, and it will also provide an escape route for the water once it starts to melt.

    • 2). Use the infrared thermometer to detect the exact section of piping that is frozen, following the manufacturer's instructions.

    • 3). Use the hair dryer to apply heat to the frozen pipe. Use side to side motions to avoid thawing the pipe too quickly.

    • 4). Allow the water to run from the faucet for a few minutes to ensure that the pipe is thawed and all the ice pieces are flushed. As the pipe begins to thaw, the amount of water that comes through the faucet will increase.

    • 5). Turn off the faucets, and check the pipe for leaks, repairing damage if necessary.

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