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4 Tips on How to Use Flat Stomach Diet to Lose Stomach Fat

In order to develop a truly flat stomach, you need to work not only on the amount of exercise you get, but also on your diet.
If you consistently overindulge on foods with high fat and sugar content, you will never be able to achieve the body shape you desire.
In this article we will lay down a few guidelines that should help you plan your flat stomach diet.
Although a nutritionist will be able to give you advice and tailor a diet specifically to you, the tips here are good for everybody and will get you started on the path to a slimmer you.
Tip #1: Easy on the Carbohydrates Although carbohydrates are a valuable source of energy, and are needed in controlled amounts to maintain a healthy body, too many carbohydrates in your diet will result in excess fat developing.
The amount of energy you consume should be directly proportional to the amount of exercise you get.
Another important distinction to make is that refined carbohydrates, the type found in excessive amounts within sweets, cakes, packaged snacks and fast food, are different to the complex carbohydrates contained in healthier foods and these should be avoided as much as possible.
Tip #2: Lower your Fat Intake The second tip for a flat stomach diet may seem obvious to some, but lowering your intake of fat - especially saturated fats - is an important part of any weight loss diet and so deserves mention here.
There are many ways to reduce the amount of fat you eat.
You can switch to the low-fat option when shopping and use a low-fat margarine rather than butter, for example.
Another great way to cut down on fat is to forget you own a frying pan.
Frying foods significantly increases your fat intake, as it traps the fat inside the food and adds more in the form of cooking oil.
Grilling your foods instead of frying is a much healthier option and will help a great deal towards your goal.
Tip #3: Foods that Help Believe it or not, there are types of food and drink that can actively help you to lose weight.
You will probably be even more surprised when you learn that one of them is chocolate! Not the kind found in chocolate bars from your local shop, dark unprocessed cocoa is rich in flavonoids and anti-oxidants among other things, and in small amounts is actually beneficial to your health.
One of the best drinks that can help you to lose weight is green tea.
When you drink green tea, it produces an effect known as thermogenesiswhich burns energy as heat.
Just drinking five or six cups per day can help you to burn off an extra 70-80 calories! Tip #4: Little and Often The final tip for a flat stomach diet involves spreading out your meals through the day.
Instead of eating a few large meals, eating smaller meals more often can help to increase your metabolism resulting in quicker weight loss.

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