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How to View Contacts in Office 2002

    • 1). Open the Outlook 2002 application. The application can be accessed by selecting the "Start" menu option in the lower right-hand corner of your Windows environment. A pop-up menu will appear containing a secondary option entitled "All programs." Hover the cursor over the "All programs" option to display a pop-up menu with a list if applications, one of which will be the Microsoft Office suite of programs. The Outlook 2002 application is a part of this set of programs and can be selected from this location.

    • 2). Click on "Outlook shortcuts," a long, thin box on the right-hand side of the screen. This box will present you with a series of options. The fourth option down from the top should be an icon that resembles an old-fashioned address rolodex. Clicking on this icon will give you the opportunity to edit your contacts list.

    • 3). Search for a specific contact by typing the contact's name into the "find a contact" box in the upper left-hand corner of the Outlook window.

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