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An Overview In Producing Winning Business Cards

Does the box of business cards on your desk still have the same number of cards as last month? Are you only able to give out a card once a week, even two if you"re lucky? Or are you still working on the same cards that you printed a year ago? If you have answered yes to the three questions, then you are not putting your business cards to good use.

When used effectively, your business card can be one of the least expensive marketing tool you can ever posses. It can serve as your identification card that will introduction you to your target customers. It will tell them who you are and what you do. With your card, you can tell everything you have to say about you and your business in writing. So, why not open that box in your desk and assess what needs to be changed to make your card compelling. And when you are ready to revamp you card, this guide can help you in the design process:

1. When deciding on how to design your business card, keep in mind that your goal is to encourage people to contact you whenever they need your product or service not to bore them with your contact details.

2. As much as possible, stay away from fancy lacy prints. They may be eye-catching, but they are considerably difficult t read.

3. Don"t stuff too much information in the small space of the card that each line looks like they run together.

4. Make it a point to tell people through your card that they are dealing with a business that is steadfast and has been around for a long time.

So, how exactly should you design your business card and what should you put in it? The main goal of your card is to let people know how they can contact you. Your name, address, telephone number, email and website, if you have, are a must in your card. If you work for a company, the company name has to present as well to let people know who you represent.

It is also vital that you include a tagline in your business card templates. This is one liner describing your business. It is important that the tagline is clear, concise, and direct to the point as it serves as the selling point for your business. With a good tag line, people will instantly know what kind of business you are, especially if your business name doesn"t reflect the kind of product or service that you offer. With many businesses failing year after year, the tagline can be the deciding point whether yours succeed or not.

Now, have you ever received a card and see an exceptionally appealing design in front, but when you flip it over you see only a blank space. That, to a lot of people, is a waste of valuable marketing space. As much as possible, make use of every available space in your business card. Hand write a personal message on it or put labels that says a quirky or funny message. You can also use the space to list down some of your top products or services. Keep in mind that every space in the card is an opportunity to promote you and your business. So, make good use of it.

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