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Alcohol And Anxiety Attacks Go Hand In Hand

Alcohol and anxiety are inextricably linked for many people.
It might come as a surprise, but alcohol is one of the biggest causes of anxiety attacks and panic disorder there is.
While many of us use alcohol, in the form of a beer or two, or a glass of wine, to relax after a long and stressful day, doing this can have the opposite effect for a great many people.
People drink alcohol and anxiety attacks often follow.
There are thousands of people from all walks of life who like an occasional drink, and indeed, drinking in moderation can provide many benefits.
However, the problems start when we begin to overindulge in alcoholic drinks.
The body can be affected in many different ways by alcohol abuse; it's not only alcohol and anxiety attacks that are linked.
Alcohol can affect your health adversely in many ways, for example it can damage the kidneys and the liver, or it can lead to dependency.
It can even affect the way your mind functions.
Drink too much alcohol and you will also find that you are unable to operate to the best of your capabilities.
This happens because if you overindulge in alcohol, the feeling that we know as a hangover is actually caused by the nutrients and minerals in your body being diverted to your liver, away from where they should be, because the liver requires them to try and break down the alcohol in your blood stream faster.
Along with this feeling of grogginess, drinkers also feel dehydrated from alcohol and anxiety attacks can result from this.
Alcohol and anxiety attack symptoms are basically the same as that of any regular panic attack, with sufferers experiencing the shakes, terrible fear, seating, clamminess and horrible nausea.
You may notice that you only have these kinds of attacks after a heavy bout of drinking, or you may at least notice they are more common after such episodes.
If so, then alcohol and anxiety are definitely partners here, and so you should cut back on the amount of alcohol you consume to stop panic attacks from happening.
There are a number of medical professionals right now who feel that alcohol and anxiety attack sufferers are usually people who started off with regular panic disorder, and then turned to alcohol as a way of trying to fight these off or otherwise lift their depressive mood.
However, drinking alcohol as an anxiety cure is the biggest mistake you can make.
People with panic disorders tend to be very susceptible to chemical imbalances in their body, and drinking large quantities of alcohol will cause significant amounts of these, thus exacerbating their panic problems.
Doctors have known about this link between alcohol and anxiety for years now.
Over-consumption of alcohol is able to change the chemistry of the brain, enhancing the likelihood of anxious people suffering from panic attacks.
And not only is it the drinking that is bad, as alcohol withdrawal can also lead to the same symptoms.
If you suffer from panic disorder and like to have a drink to make you feel relaxed, perhaps you would be better off cutting out the alcohol altogether and seeing if this can help lessen the bad experiences you are having.

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