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The Adidas Vulcan offers optimal comfort, sweet style and a vulcanized outsole for durability and grip. From the 70s to today, skaters, betties and sneaker aficionados have all championed these kicks for their supreme originality and top-shelf quality.

The Vulcan

The Superskate Vulcan men's athletic inspired shoes are named after Vulcan, the Roman god of fire, for one very good reason; they're completely and totally god-like.

Maybe a lesser skating shoe would've merited a lamer divine namesake, such as Portunes, the god of keys. A really lame pair of shoes might have even gotten a name like Cloacina, the goddess of sewers. You know a shoe named for the god of fire is going to be good. That's the Vulcan guarantee.

Fit and Design

The Adidas Superskate Vulcan Low is an incredible update on the classic. It features a padded collar for greater comfort and fit, and a durable rubber outsole with board specific tread pattern that offers a sturdy platform for optimal grip. If you like the latest in technology without sacrificing the classic looks, I shouldn't even have to say it go on and get them.

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