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Wii Unlocker Download - The Fastest Way to Softmod Your Wii

If you've ever given thought about how to unlock more features for your Wii, you've no doubt looked into a mod chip. These chips require you to take apart your Wii and insert an expensive mod chip in order to access the full potential of your console. You also have to physically solder the modchip onto the board, which requires a great deal of technical know-how to do it safely. In addition to the hassle that comes with mod chips, they're also usually very pricey.

However, there is now software available to automate the process of unlocking all your Wii's features. Wii softmods allow you to mod your Wii without a chip of any kind, greatly reducing the cost and hassle associated with Wii modification. This software is installed by inserting an SD card into your Wii. The install takes roughly 10 minutes as opposed to the hours or more that manual modchip installation takes.

Once the install is done, you're good to go and can use your Wii normally, though with several enhanced features, such as playing music on your Wii, making and downloading your own Wii games, and the use of other applications through your Wii.

Basically, this software saves you hours of labor, the cost of a Wii modchip, and the cost of any other parts you'd need for the soldering process. Depending on whether you'd chosen to have someone else install it for you, it could also save you the cost of technical help.

Once you've installed your Wii homebrew software, you'll essentially be turning your Wii into a DVD player, as well. You can also play SNES, Sega Genesis, and Playstation games on your Wii. And you'll be able to download all of these directly into your Wii in a completely legal way. This software ensures that you never have to worry about copyright issues of any kind.

If you're interested in ways to mod your Wii without a chip or other annoying, difficult, costly solutions, you can download Wii unlocker and immediately get your Wii ready for homebrew applications.

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