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Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Treatments At Home - Steps Involved

With acne treatments becoming expensive, going to a beauty saloon may be too expensive. An alternative is to treat acne with harmless methods at home. Let us discuss the basic steps involved in self treating acne with benzoyl peroxide. Note: These steps are only for information. One has to consult a dermatologist before trying them at home

Step 1

The treatment should be preceded with a face wash. Any oil free and water based face wash gel can be used. In case of very sensitive skin synthetic soaps (sulphonated) can be used.

Step 2

Any product with benzoyl peroxide concentration of 2.5 percentage and below should be chosen (Concentration more than 2.5 can harm skin by causing rashes and skin dryness). The gel needs to be applied over face in upward circular motion.

Step 3

Leaving the gel on face for nearly 20 minutes gives sufficient time for the compound to dissolve dead skin cells and kill the bacteria living in clogged pores. After 20 minutes the gel has to be washed off with cold water. Cold water is very important because, warm water can damage the skin which is already been peeled of by the gel.

Step 4

After the gel is washed off, one has to pat dry the face with soft towel. Following this astringent needs to be applied on face. Astringent cools the skin and closes the pores. Optionally skin toners can also be applied.

Step 5

Finally a good water based moisturizer with SPF of 15 and above needs to be applied on cheeks, nose, neck and areas around chin and forehead. SPF of at least 15 is essential to protect the fresh inner layer of skin from harmful sun rays.

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