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How to Protect a Camera Lens Filter

    • 1). Keep filters in plastic cases when they are not in use.

    • 2). Keep the lens cap on when you're not using the camera. This will protect the filter from scratches and dust.

    • 3). Layer a neutral inexpensive filter, such as a UV filter, on top of your expensive filter. It will not affect the photos, but it will protect the expensive filter.

    • 4). Avoid touching the filter. The oils on your fingers can leave marks.

    • 5). Wipe the filter with a soft lens cloth. Using your shirt to wipe off smudges can scratch the filter.

    • 6). Clean the filter with a special lens-cleaning solution. Put a drop of the solution on the filter and rub it gently with the lens cloth in a circular motion. It will evaporate quickly without streaking. You can buy lens-cleaning solution in any professional photography store.

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