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How to Adjust the Straps on a Pilates Reformer

    • 1). Lie down on your back with the handles of the straps in your hands. Thread the loops of the straps through the handles, and place a strap on each foot for the exercise known as "Short Spine."

    • 2). Adjust for the first phase of the "Pull Straps" exercise by placing the box vertically on the reformer. Lie down on your stomach and take the straps off the posts. Walk your hands as far up the straps as you possibly can. For the second phase, move your hands to the very ends of the loops to adjust each time you pull backwards.

    • 3). Prepare for the "Teaser" exercise. With the box still on the reformer, turn to face forward with the handles of the straps in your hands. Pull the straps past your body, and reach as high as you can.

    • 4). Hook your black straps through the reformer straps by looping each one through the loop and handle. Lie flat on the reformer, and place the black straps over your feet for the exercise.

    • 5). Adjust the reformer to perform side kicks. Lie on one side while placing the loop of the strap on the top foot. Extend the top leg to the farthest corner of the reformer for the exercise.

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