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Why Should You Charter A Yacht For Your Corporate Outing?

Are you looking for a way for your management staff to bond? Do you want a way to entertain prospective clients? Are you looking for a fun experience to reward your in-house employees? If you want to schedule an outing that will put you in a good light and delight your participants, you might want to consider chartering a yacht for a short trip.
Most people walk away from a yacht trip feeling like a king or a queen.
It's not an every day experience for most people and if you take enough people the cost per person can be quite reasonable.
Many corporate yachts entertain you and your guests with: oGood food and drink oGreat music - surround sound (outside and inside the boat) oBig screen TV for movies or videos oSite seeing - Beautiful views oWhale watching (in season) oDolphin watching (if available) oFresh Ocean air oKaraoke oSeating (inside & outside) A great charter yacht will allow your guests to be outside on the deck if they wish or also be inside in a protected salon with 360 degree windows.
You can take a lunch cruise, dinner cruise, sunset cruise, whale-watching cruise, business meeting cruise.
When I took my friends on a cruise I heard comments like: "This was just what I needed".
"I felt like queen for a day" "It was awesome.
" Bruno Schwarz of Aolani Cat Cruises of San Diego CA says he hears comments like that all the time.
Companies like Visa, B of A, Wells Fargo, Qualcomm, and others have chartered his boat and left raving testimonials.
He said"4 business owners who have been taking adventure trips together all over the world every year for the last 15 years, said taking a trip on our yacht was their best adventure yet.
" "Many companies book trips over and over.
"Said Bruno.
Asked if any whales have bumped up against the boat during the whale watching outings.
Bruno said no.
It's not allowed to get that close to the whales anyhow.
You have to stay many yards away by law".
Guests generally prefer to sail without loud motors.
It's quieter, more romantic, and nicer to hear the wind in the sails.
"It's more sporty".
Said Bruno.
"Especially for whale watching, it's nice to have a sailboat not chase away the whales and dolphins".
Bruno's yacht is a private charter only available for people who want to rent the boat for a private function.
Bruno's boat holds up to 49 guests.

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