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What Took Obama So Long to Get Osama bin Laden - Who Did He Have to Clear it With First?

Excuse me for not bowing to the Mighty Obama Media Magic - But may I please ask what on Earth took Obama so long to get Osama bin Laden? Patience may indeed be a virtue for some, but as an American, and when it comes to terrorism, it sure the heck isn't for me! I would like to know what took Obama so long to finish the job.
(Now then, please re-read that first sentence above using this version of the first phrase; Eexxxxccuuuuzzzzz Mmmeeeee!) Some have credited Obama for his excellent leadership in capturing and killing Obama, but I am not one of them, in fact, I am miffed that Obama is stealing the thunder for political gain.
Of course, it doesn't surprise me after watching this gentleman and his teleprompter routines over the years.
And what a great way to kick off his re-election campaign - but to "finally" order the strike, brilliant strategy.
Yes, politically prudent and savvy, but they've known about his hide-out since August of last year? Please, what took so long? If President Obama cannot execute faster than that, then the US has no chance against the next set of evil doers that come along, and we all know there will be more, maybe not this month, next month, next year or for many years, but someday there will be another, and another, such is human history.
It's just the way that bad actors operate and humanity still, unfortunately has some growing up to do now doesn't it? Indeed, it does.
Consider if you will the "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" and how the bureaucracy couldn't do anything right, well, that's what it looks like to me here with this whole Osama bin Laden thing.
I mean give me a break, because this whole episode and so-called final chapter of the Osama bin Laden saga, which is really a Trilogy it's gone on so long, is just unacceptable.
They propped up and prolonged "evil doer" bad guy, the one man which the US government spent trillions to tackle.
Yes, yes, I am an American too, and yes, I celebrated the demise of our enemy like everyone else, but still, after hearing more of the details, I think we should thank our military elite teams and some pretty decent intelligence for getting him, not the teleprompter in chief, and no, it's not that I mean to politically attach the messenger who confirmed it in a quick speech on prime time TV with 57 million viewers, it's just that I've come to expect this dog and pony show from the White House, and quite frankly I'm just fed up with it.
America deserves better, vote the teleprompter in chief out of office in 2012.

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