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How to Make a Polar Fleece Tree Skirt

    • 1). Fold the polar fleece fabric lengthwise with the wrong sides together. Make sure that you fold the sides exactly even. Fold the fabric again the other way so that the top half is folded down onto the bottom half. Make sure that the halves are exactly even. Pin these four layers together.

    • 2). Cut a piece of string 27 inches long. Tie one end of the string to the marker. Find the corner of the folded fabric that has two folded edges meeting together. Pin the second end of the string to the tip of this corner.

    • 3). Hold the pinned end of the string securely. Mark the fabric with the marker at the other end of the string. Mark at the exact end of the string, swinging the marker from one edge of the fabric to the other. You will have created a 1/4 circle mark on the fabric.

    • 4). Measure the string from the marker to a point on the string 6 inches from the marker. Hold this point in the string to the fold. Make another 1/4 circle mark with this shorter string.

    • 5). Cut along both marked lines, keeping the pins in place to make sure that the layers don't shift while cutting. You will have cut out a large circle with a smaller circle removed from the center.

    • 6). Open up the circle and lay it flat on the table. Use the marker to draw a line from the outside of the inner circle to the outside of the outer circle, all the way across the surface of the fabric.

    • 7). Measure along the edge of the inner circle 1/2 inch from the line on either side of the line. Mark each of these places with a pin. Measure along the outside edge of the fabric 1 1/2 inches from the line on either side and place a pin to mark both of these places. Draw a line from each inside pinned spot to the corresponding outside pinned spot. You will have drawn a wedge shape from the inside to the outside of the blanket.

    • 8). Cut out this wedge shape to completely remove it from the blanket fabric. You will now have a doughnut shaped piece of fabric with a wedge missing from its surface.

    • 9). Fold under the two straight edges that define the wedge, with the raw edges being folded under 1/2 inch to the wrong side. Pin these two edges down and sew them to secure the hems. Fold under the inner circle edge and pin and sew it the same way. Fold under the outer circle edge and pin and sew it in the same manner.

    • 10

      Pin lace edging to the outside edge of the fabric and top stitch it to the outside circle. Make sure that the lace extends out past the edge of the blanket fabric.

    • 11

      Hand stitch crystal beads to the surface of the blanket in an attractive pattern. Follow the design if you chose a printed fabric or scatter the beads randomly if you have a solid color fleece.

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