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Platinum Six Pack Abs

Abs it seems have for centuries been a defining icon of health and beauty in the human physique.
Perhaps because when you can see your toned abs it shows that you have very low body fat overall and that you are seen to be healthy, fit and strong.
Looking back at ancient Greek sculptures we see toned abs of Aphrodite and Zeus and other heroic gods.
But most of us struggle to uncover those platinum abs that each of us has been gifted with.
With just a little bit of ongoing effort and due diligence, you can find your abs popping out of your skin in no time.
This article will give you some ideas on how to carve your platinum six pack into your belly.
To sculpt your own rock hard eye popping abs you need to focus on 2 pieces of crucial information in your lifestyle.
That is your diet and your exercise programs.
Of the two, diet plays the bigger roll.
You need to focus most of your efforts on your diet.
After all, most of us eat 3 to 6 times per day while most of us don't workout more than once a day.
So the opportunity for six pack abs progression is much easier if we focus on our diet.
This is where the bulk of your opportunity lies.
So what does a good diet look like.
Well, it is tailored towards food that you enjoy.
If you aren't enjoying your food, as counter intuitive as this may sound, the more you will eat to find that satiety.
So eat foods that you like.
But eat in moderation.
If you can't hold yourself back from enjoying a huge hearty meal, then eat out of small bowls.
As a rule of thumb, try not to eat more food than about the size of an orange at each sitting.
If you follow this guideline, you will find that you will melt the fat off of your body and develop those platinum power abs that your neighbors will be jealous of.
Sure it takes some work and dedication, but with summer coming up.
What have you got to lose, except some fat!

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