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How to Troubleshoot a Failing Electric Dryer

    • 1). Check the breaker switch for the laundry area to see if it needs to be reset or there is a blown fuse. Make sure the dryer is plugged in and the door is securely latched. Some dryers also have a thermal fuse inside the exhaust duct that will shut the unit off if it gets too hot. Replace the fuse if it has blown out.

    • 2). Consult your owner's manual to find out how to access the heating element if your electric dryer will not heat up. Check the element with a circuit tester and replace it if it is defective.

    • 3). Open the top panel of the dryer by prying it off with a flathead screwdriver. Replace the drive belt if it is broken or cracked. Replace the idler pulley as well if it appears to be worn or damaged.

    • 4). Remove the duct that runs from the rear of the dryer to the vent on the home's exterior. Use a vacuum to clear out any debris inside the duct and vent. Check the cycling thermostat with a circuit tester if the dryer is still not getting hot enough.

    • 5). Examine the moving parts of the drum if your dryer is squeaking or making grinding noises. The idler pulley, rear drum bearing and rollers or wheels supporting the drum are the most common places to find a noisy part.

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