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LG Optimus 7 - Windows Phone 7 With DLNA Facility

LG have come up with a new featured phone that is Optimus 7 that will have many user friendly features included in it.
This LG Optimus 7 will have DNLA and also wireless standard transfer, which allow devices to get shared their contents across home.
Optimusis expected to be released soon.
LG has now been able to know how to make its model different from that of Microsoft as they also feature some of these features like DNLA in Microsoft mobiles.
LG Optimus 7 would be surely going to be something that must be looked in to.
This is the first windows phone 7 to get official.
LG Optimus 7 Specs Although there has not been much things known about the Optimus 7 specifications but recently some of the Optimus 7 specs has been revealed.
We will just get to know about them.
This LG Optimus 7 is going to be a windows 7 phone that focuses on entertainment sharing facilities.
It can easily connect to your TV.
So, it is good to see WP7 Smartphone get connected to big screen TV.
Optimus 7 enjoys the DLNA facility with multimedia sharing facility.
This phone is also expected to give 720p HD video support.
With good Wi-Fi connectivity and music player, this phone is surely going to go for long time.
It is expected that this phone will have QWERTY keyboard with 5-mega pixel camera.
It would be having large touch sensitivity display.
Although there has been only few information that is available in regards to these phones but everything would be clear soon in September when this phone is going to be released, as expected.
LG Optimus 7 Review Optimus 7 is going to be a worth phone as it allows a user to easily enjoy content on the handset.
It has streams of digital platforms and there is a simple finger flick that is used to achieve it.
there are some pre installed feature that would help the users to send their files across and there is no need to keeping out from any application.
You can easily get high resolution photos and high quality music files for same.
This is also a good kind of social media sharing phone.
It helps you to keep connected with your friends and family.
with 5 megapixel camera, you are surely going to enjoy the phone's features.
LG Optimus 7 Design And LG Optimus 7 Price Optimus 7 has been designed with AMOLED capacitive touchscreen and 480*800 pixels.
It is assumed to have QWERTY keyboard and its design is 3.
5 inches.
This phone is surely going to be auto turn off and it also has proximity sensor.
LG Optimus 7 price is expected to be $360.
When you look at the features that this phone has, surely this price is worth its features.
All things about the features of Optimus would be soon clear when this would release in market.

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