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How to Stop an Administrative Foreclosure

    • 1). Complete an approved credit counseling course. A list of providers is available through the bankruptcy clerk's office in your district or you may check online at the U.S. Trustee's office website. This course is completed online or over the telephone and a certificate of completion is issued once it is done. This certificate will be filed with your bankruptcy documents.

    • 2). Prepare petition, verification of creditor matrix, and matrix. The petition is the initial document you file with the court to begin the bankruptcy process. It has your basic information, such as name, address, type of bankruptcy you are filing, and asset and debt information. These forms may be found online at the bankruptcy trustee's office website for your district.

    • 3). File the petition, verification of creditor matrix, and matrix with the bankruptcy clerk's office in your district. This is done in person or by mailing the completed documents to the clerk's office. You will also pay a filing fee at the time of filing, either in cash or by certified funds. You may also ask the court to pay the fee in installments by filing a form with your initial documents.

    • 4). Notify your mortgage holder and their attorney's office of your filing by telephone and fax. Begin by calling your mortgage holder so they may notate your account. Request a fax number so you may fax a copy of the petition to have confirmation that they were notified. You should also call and fax any attorney's office that you have received letters from on behalf of your mortgage holder.

    • 5). File schedules, statements, and other supporting documentation within 15 days of filing the petition if you did not file them at the same time. Just as with the petition, you may acquire the required forms on the bankruptcy court's website in your district. These may also be filed in person or by mail to the bankruptcy clerk's office.

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