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Everyone Can Run!

Everyone can run! Young, old, rich, poor, busy, or not.
The important thing is that people just have to start to put their best foot forward (pun intended).
So, how does one become a runner? Would it be enough to just tie those shoelaces and go? Well, in its simplest essence, running is really that simple.
But then again, certain questions may come out: How long should one run? Is it okay if walking is integrated in between running or does one have to go all the way? An experienced runner might even ask himself if he really has to go that slow and start from scratch or if he can just pick up from where he left off before.
These are all valid questions when deciding to run.
Almost all new runners have and will always be reluctant to spend money and, of course, time on running before they even get started.
They are afraid that if they start on something, they might not be able to follow it up and stick with it.
To eliminate this feeling, one has to plan on how to run consistently.
New runners are advised to set a regular schedule in their running.
Having these written in a planner will most likely result in people following this to a T.
But of course, everyone must be flexible enough to deal with life's unexpected plans.
It is recommended to have a checkup and clearance from a cardiologist as well, especially for older runners.
A sudden jump in one's activity level might put the runner at risk if he has an unknown cardiovascular disease.
Lastly, buy a good pair of running shoes.
This is an investment that runners have to deal with.
So, here comes the major question again: how does one really start to run? Simple.
Just go out, run, and enjoy yourself!

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