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How to Restore PC With Windows XP From DOS

    Creating a DOS Boot Disk

    • 1). Insert a blank floppy disk into the drive of a functioning computer with Internet access.

    • 2). Download and install a copy of DOS. If you already have DOS installed and simply need a way to access it, download a copy of the boot disk and install it to your floppy disk (see Resources below).

    • 3). Allow the program adequate time to completely write its data to the floppy before removing it. When the green status light of the outside of your floppy drive goes off, it is safe to remove your disk.

    Accessing Windows

    • 1). Insert the floppy with DOS or its boot into the drive of the malfunctioning computer. Power the computer on. The disk should boot DOS after computer's startup procedures. While DOS is loading, take note of the drive letter it assigns to your CD/DVD drive.

    • 2). Insert your Windows CD once you have arrived at the DOS prompt (the text-based command input console for DOS).

    • 3). Type the letter of your CD/DVD-ROM drive followed by a colon (example: "D:") and press "Enter." Type "SETUP" at the DOS prompt and then press "Enter."

    • 4). Enter the following chain: CD i386 "Enter," d:/i386 "Enter," winnt "Enter" at the DOS prompt to enter the Windows XP installation wizard.

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