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The Drug Abuse Prevention, Treatment & Rehabilitation Act


    • The act outlined provisions to be followed by the National Institute on Drug Abuse as created by the Drug Abuse Office and Treatment Act of 1972. The agency was instructed to develop or expand a number of its initiatives, including drug abuse research and an “inventory of all private and public resources relating to drug abuse.”


    • The sponsors of the law wanted the drug abuse programs to reach out to demographics in the population they felt were under-served including women, the elderly, the handicapped, minors and those with “limited English-speaking ability.” The act specifically mentions that community centers of this nature provide “good quality care.”

    Annual Report

    • This law required relevant agencies to create an annual report for Congress on the progress of the drug prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.


    • States were allotted $45,000,000 for the 1980 and 1981 fiscal years for the continuation or creation of drug abuse outreach and treatment centers, The law stipulated that a minimum of 7 percent (in 1980) and 10 percent (in 1981) go directly to prevention attempts.

    Family Coverage

    • The act prohibited employers from denying an employee or their covered family member coverage on the grounds of drug abuse. The law encourages federal employees to take advantage of these programs for themselves and their families if they were experiencing related issues.

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