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Blogging Tips - Is a Blog As Good As a Static Site?

And the debate goes on.
Is a blog as good as or better than a static site? Are they interchangeable? Do you really NEED a blog at all? This article is going to cover a few of the pluses and minuses about using blogs instead of static sites.
Let's start with functionality.
The great thing about blogs, especially if you are using WordPress hosted on your own domain, is that they are quite versatile out of the box.
With a static site, unless you're either one whiz of a programmer or know somebody who is, you're going to be limited by those programming abilities.
Static HTML can only do so much and any change you want to make you have to either code yourself or have somebody do for you.
Blogs have many built in things that you can install at the push of a button.
What about the look of the site? Well, again, with something like WordPress, there are so many third party developers making themes for WordPress that you can literally have a blog that looks nothing like anybody else's.
And you won't have to write one line of code.
Again, one click of a button and you'll have your new look.
And if you don't like it, with another click, you can get that look changed...
It would seem that there are very few downsides to having a blog, especially a WordPress one.
Well, the one downside is that, unless you ARE one of those programming whizzes, you ARE at the mercy of all these developers.
In other words, whatever is available...
that's it.
If you want something that isn't floating around somewhere, you're going to have to find somebody to put it together for you.
But the biggest downside is security.
Because WordPress is open source software, everybody has access to the code...
including hackers.
And these hackers make life miserable for a lot of people.
Thus, you have to constantly keep up with all the updates...
more so than you would with a static site with custom code that somebody made for you.
Ultimately, there is no perfection and you have to go with what's more important to you...
ease of use or tighter security.
To YOUR Success, Steven Wagenheim

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