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How to Re-Title a School Bus As an RV in North Carolina

    • 1). Make sure the previous seller has signed a clean title for the school bus over to your name, or that your existing title is free of liens.

    • 2). Begin converting the school bus into a recreational vehicle. All renovations need not be completed before re-titling your vehicle as a recreational vehicle in North Carolina.

    • 3). Take your bus registration, North Carolina driver’s license, and cash or checkbook to a Division of Motor Vehicles License Plate Renewal Office. Obtain and complete the “Body Style Correction Form.”

    • 4). Complete paperwork for your North Carolina vehicle title. Have all forms notarized in the License Plate Renewal Office.

    • 5). Pay all fees ($28 for the title, $5 for the notary service, plus any tax due on your vehicle). Receive your new license plate and vehicle title.

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