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Lab Safety Importance

    Students and New Employees

    • The Laboratory Safety Institute recommends that all labs have health, safety and environmental affairs guidelines posted in each lab. Before a student or new employee is allowed to work in the lab he should go through a safety orientation so he is completely aware of what is expected as soon as he enters the lab. It is also recommended that regular meetings should be held to discuss any safety issues.

    Safety Inspections

    • The Laboratory Safety Institute recommends employers make unannounced inspections. This will give a clear answer as to whether the employees or students are following the guidelines. Unexpected inspections can allow an employer to see if any hazardous experiments are being left unattended or if anyone is working alone. Both these things can lead to very dangerous outcomes and should be stopped immediately.

    Hazardous Experiments

    • Before beginning any experiment that is hazardous, the Laboratory Safety Institute recommends that the scientist know all the hazards and what could go wrong. They also advise to make a plan on how to deal with any hazards that may arise. Don't wait until it happens, be prepared. Report any accidents to the workplace safety committee immediately.

    Flammable Liquids

    • To prevent fire, it is important to only have a few flammable liquids stored in the laboratory. The Laboratory Safety Institute states that eating, smoking and drinking should be prohibited in the lab. You should not store lunches in chemical refrigerators. Following these guidelines will help prevent accidental contamination.

    Preventive Measures

    • The Laboratory Safety Institute recommends labs to take precautions to help prevent laboratory accidents. Employers should conduct drills for various emergency situations to help educate the scientists on the appropriate actions to take. Warning signs should be posted to mark areas that are hazardous. Goggles should be used at all time as well as lab coats. Fire extinguishers and eye wash centers should be available in each laboratory. Labs should also provide fireproof cabinets where flammable substances can be stored.

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