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Toronto Blue Jays Must Ponder Their Future

The Toronto Blue Jays are finishing up yet another season of mediocre baseball, if you can even call it that.
With a 66-83 record at the moment, the team has regressed from last year's performance, which is unfortunate.
For a moment, it looked as if the Blue Jays were a young, talented team with high hopes for the future.
A nice core of young pitchers backs up this statement.
Guys like Ricky Romero, Scott Richmond, and Shawn Camp are all promising young pitching talents.
Unfortunately, their most promising talent of them all, Dustin McGowan, was forced to miss the season due to an injury that could threaten his career.
The Toronto pitching staff has always been anchored by Roy Halladay, a steady source of wins during the course of the decade.
No matter how much the team has struggled, they could always count on Doc Halladay for a win when his turn in the rotation came.
Halladay was nearly traded away to a playoff contender earlier this summer, and many have to wonder why the Blue Jays didn't opt to deal him.
Once his contract expires, it appears likely that he'll probably elect to play somewhere else, but for now, Halladay is in Toronto.
With that said, the team will have some decisions to make about where to go from here.
Do they ship out Halladay and rebuild? Or do they try to keep some of the pieces they have in place (Halladay, Rios, etc.
) and build around a steady core of talented young players?

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