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Online Theme Viewer Means No More Guesswork

With a simple tool such as the Tribute Center Online Theme Viewer, you can show every piece of stationery with every theme applied. Helping your client families select themes - and helping you to increase their order - has never been easier.

Selecting funeral stationery options can be a daunting task for the recently bereaved, and as their trusted resource, you are expected to be able to provide all pieces, with the correct pictures and information, within a very short time frame. Sounds like without the right tools, it could be an even more intimidating task for you! With the Tribute Center Online Theme Viewer, however, you not only get to present the hundreds of themes available to choose from, but also how every theme appears on each individual piece of stationery.

Each theme contains artwork and simple design templates for each of the many pieces of stationery that is appropriate for funeral related events. Themes are available to suit almost any hobby, club, occupation or athletic interest. They range from traditional to contemporary and from elegant to whimsy. The themes artwork runs from simple to more elaborate and all themes can be printed using four color ink. Easily organized into categories to help your client families quickly target appropriate themes, the online theme viewer allows stationery decisions to be made quickly.

Being able to demonstrate how each item of stationery appears with every theme applied takes all guesswork out for both you and your client families. Non visual people are at a disadvantage when required to make a creative decision in a time crunch - particularly when it is one that affects many separate pieces and in varying sizes. The Online Theme Viewer shows how a memorial folder will appear with each theme as well as how a bookmark and prayer card will appear as well as the rest of the stationery options available. It even shows how the Life Journey Candle looks when printed using the selected theme. There is absolutely no guessing how each piece is going to turn out, which is one less stress needed by everybody involved.

In addition to theme selection and understanding how it is applied to all the pieces, the Online Theme Viewer serves another purpose. Client families will see how all the pieces work in concert to create a consistent tone from the beginning to of the service to acknowledgements sent weeks after, and to memorial folders that are often kept for years. this increases the likelihood that larger packages will be ordered which results in better profits for you.
The actual production of the pieces can be performed by you in your own funeral home. With the Tribute Center software, each piece of funeral stationery is easy to create. Using your own in-house printer, each can be printed in full color. Blank perforated stock makes for a quick printing process too.

Provide the best you can to your client families and make things simple for your funeral home.

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