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Increased Mobility, Independence, and Freedom Provided by Motorized Wheelchairs

Pushing a wheelchair around all day is hard work.
For some disabled patients, it's more work than they are capable of doing given their lack of strength and dexterity.
In order to give these people more mobility and the ability to take care of their own needs, inventor George Johann Klein invented the first motorized wheelchair in 1950, and it changed the world for those who are wheelchair bound.
They are no longer confined to a chair they can't move in, and they now have the independence and freedom to go where they want and do the things they want to do.
Having worked with teens in wheelchairs, I had a chance to see firsthand how much their powerized chairs had to do with them being successful in school.
These were bright kids with disabilities, such as muscular dystrophy or cerebral palsy.
They wanted to be as much like the other students as possible, but they were unable to do the common, everyday things they needed to be able to do.
Having a wheelchair meant racing down an empty hallway with a huge grin on their faces.
It meant going to other classrooms and meeting other students, and even participating in athletics in the Special Olympics.
There have been a lot of improvements made in motorized wheelchairs in the decades since they were first introduced.
Now many of them have spring suspension which keeps the ride smooth over uneven terrain.
Not only do they maneuver well outdoors, but they also are very functional inside as they are designed to fit into small spaces and turn on a dime.
In addition, they are fitted out with mechanisms that can recline, raise the legs, and provide needed support for both sitting and standing.
Motorized wheelchairs are expensive, but they are also regarded as necessary medical equipment for many disabled people.
The place where you purchase your chair can help you find assistance in financing your chair if that should be necessary.
Insurance companies, government programs, and grants are available to help you finance the chair that's going to allow you to have the mobility, freedom, and independence you've always dreamed of having.

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