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How to Make a Bunny Mascot Costume

    • 1). Turn a white sweatshirt inside out, and clip off all of the tags. The inside of the white sweatshirt gives the bunny's body a fuzzy texture.

    • 2). Cut a large circle from a sheet of pink craft foam. The circle should be as close to the size of the full sheet as possible. Glue this circle to the center of the sweatshirt to make the bunny's belly, recommends Costume Pop.

    • 3). Take a plain skinny headband and place it on the work surface. Measure out a piece of white ribbon that is twice as long as needed to cover the headband. Starting at one end of the headband, place a drop of hot glue on the bottom of the headband. Press one end of the ribbon to the hot glue.

    • 4). Wrap the ribbon tightly around the headband. Be sure that the ribbon slightly overlaps the piece before it so that the entire headband is covered. Pull tightly. Secure the end with hot glue. Trim off any excess ribbon.

    • 5). Place one piece of the white craft foam on the work surface. Using a marker, draw a pointed ear shape onto the foam. Cut out the ear shape.

    • 6). Take the ear from Step 5 and place it on top of the second piece of white craft foam. Trace the ear shape, and cut out the second ear.

    • 7). Draw two ear shapes on the pink craft foam. These ears should be about half the size of the white ears made in Steps 5 and 6. Cut out the ears.

    • 8). Place a pink ear in the center of the white ear. Use hot glue to glue the pink ear in place. Repeat with the second ear.

    • 9). Fold the bottom of the white ear to make a tab about half an inch wide. Glue that tab to the white headband. Repeat with the other side.

    • 10

      Turn the white sweatpants inside out and cut off any tags. Use hot glue to attach the bath scrub loofah to the seat of the pants to create the bunny's tail.

    • 11

      Cut out small pink circles for the pads of the mitten fingers, suggests Costume Pop. Cut out a larger circle for the palm. Attach these pink circles to the pads of each finger and the palm of each mitten with hot glue. This will help transform the mittens into bunny paws.

    • 12

      Help the costume wearer get dressed in the bunny costume. Do not forget the white shoes.

    • 13

      Wipe white face paint all over the face and neck of the costume wearer with a foam makeup applicator.

    • 14

      Draw small black dots around from the outside of the nose across the mid-cheek with an eyebrow pencil. From a few of the dots, draw wispy whiskers.

    • 15

      Use a lipstick brush to paint pink face paint on to the ball of the nose. Also, paint the lips with pink face paint.

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