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5 Tips for The First Date

5 Tips for The First Date
The early part of the relationship determines whether you want to continue dating or not. This determining should be after 2 or 3 dates. The big mistake that men or women do is to stop dating from the first date if they felt that they have no chemistry between them. They should understand that each of them might be nervous and under spot. Sometimes women feel zealous in the early part of a new relationship.
There are many tips you should follow in order to pass the first date successfully but the most important thing is Self-Confidence. Don't start dating if you lack self-confidence. First of all, you can do exercises to increase self-confidence such as:
- meeting practice: you can practice with close friends or try to meet new people in a club and start a conversation.
- Sports: all kind of sports can help. Hiking or doing a new adventure can increase the self-confidence.
- Face your Fears: find anything that you are afraid of and do it or touch it.
Now you have the self-confidence! Dating would be much more easier!
The next step is the look. The look is very important to admire the couple of each other. There are many thing should women do before she go to the date such as, have a warm shower and relax, go to the hair dresser and got a new look in order to feel more confident, Nails are very important that women should take care of, good smell and nice dress should be picked carefully.
Now, what the men should do before dating are the same. For example go to the barber shop and got a new haircut, have a warm shower, choose a casual suit but not very formal and pick a nice smell perfume.
The third step is what itcalled in French swarve, one who is very stylish. Be polite while you are talking to a person either your partner or the waiter. Men should pulls the chair for the women. Be sure while you are eating that your fork in your left hand and the knife in your right hand. Be attention to your partner while he or she is talking. Look to your partner eyes. Eye contact is very important and you can know too many things about your partner just from his or her eyes.
The fourth step is during the dinner. They start conversation about telling each other about themselves and try to find common points that they can share. Don't talk about personal issues because the other looking for someone who keep secrets. If you can't keep your secrets how can you keep mine!
The fifth and the last tip is after dinner, when the date is end,men should pay the bill after dinner and if there is any door should be opened, men should open the door. He should ask the women to take her home by his ride.That leaves a great impact on the women heart.

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