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How to Connect a Motorola N136 Bluetooth

    • 1). Charge the headset completely before pairing it to a phone.

    • 2). Press and hold the large button on the outside of the phone until the Motorola "M" light comes on.

    • 3). Flip open the microphone if it is not open already. The microphone is folded into the earpiece and must be manually flipped outward.

    • 4). Set your phone to "Discovery" or "Pairing" mode from your specific phone's Bluetooth options. The phone will scan for devices that are also set in "Pairing" mode.

    • 5). Accept the connection with the headset. The phone will show the name of the headset on the phone.

    • 6). Enter the passcode for the headset. The headset's default passcode is "0000."

    • 7). Check the headset. The light on the outside of the headset will flash to show that the headset was successfully paired to the phone.

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