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Numerology Compatibility - A Surefire Way to Know If You Are a Good Match

The term numerology compatibility refers to analyzing the compatibility between two people, or more specifically, life partners with the help of numerology.
Since numerology is the science of numbers, this analysis is usually based on the one most significant and unchangeable number in an individual's life - his or her birth date! The importance of the birth date is extremely crucial in a person's life and the significance of the same lies in the fact that a personality, characteristics, likes, dislikes as well as his relationships with other people has its roots in a birth date.
In short, there has to be a reason why you were born on that particular date.
Moreover, in today's extremely fast faced and tough lifestyles, compatibility is the sole factor or dimension on which to base a relationship on and be truly happy.
With the increase in divorce rates and millions of heart shattering break ups happening every second, numerology compatibility tests are a fast, economic, and most importantly, accurate means to achieve success in your relationship! Usually the formula for calculating numerology compatibility is by adding up the birth date of a person.
Thus, if your birthday is on the 27th day of January, 1984, your aim is to add all the digits up and go on adding till you come to a single digit.
In this case it would be (1)+(2+7)+(1+9+8+4) = 32, which results to 3+2 = 5.
Now, for an accurate numerology compatibility test, you need the result of both the partner's birth date additions to analyze just how compatible both of you are.
Once the single-digit results for both partners have been calculated, one can use these numbers to learn interesting and fun facts about yourself and your partner.
In a numerology compatibility test, the first thing that you would be told is whether both of you are at all compatible or not.
The easiest way to see whether you and your partner are compatible or not would be to try out one of the thousand numerology compatibility tests available online for free.
What you need to do is just type in your and your partner's birth dates and click 'Calculate'.
Not only do these websites tell you about whether both the birth dates match but also gives you tips for improving your relationships.
If you are single then there's more good news! A numerology compatibility test will analyze your birth date and tell you those numbers of whom you are compatible with! Now you can safely date people and avoid a tearful heartbreak! Apart from calculating your compatibility with your partner or telling you the numbers you would be most compatible with, numerology compatibility is done more by people who want to know more about themselves and their partners and get good suggestions and tips for a beautiful and happy life full of love and passion.
So what are you waiting for? Forget all your hard times and go for a numerology compatibility analysis to find eternal happiness and bliss forever.

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