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How to Get Dogs Back From an Ex-Boyfriend

    • 1). Revisit the specifics of any agreements made when the dogs were adopted. Was it a joint purchase? Or did you already have the dogs before the relationship? It's important to know the details when it comes time to ask for them back. For example, you don't want to angrily make a scene only to realize that you both did in fact agree to joint custody years prior.

    • 2). Ask nicely for the dogs back. The issue may or may not have been addressed already, but this is a necessary step, albeit an seemingly obvious one. The reason is because you want to avoid any incendiary assumptions. For example, you may come over to get your stuff, and try to take the dogs, assuming that he will let you. If he disagrees, this leads to a confrontation. Conversely, he may have threatened that you will never have custody in the heat of the breakup, but didn't actually mean it. So ask, just to be certain where you both stand.

    • 3). Suggest joint custody. Even though your relationship didn't work out, you two both still love the dogs, and they will stand to benefit from enjoying each party's company. It's important to be civil, however, since a breakup is a highly charged time, emotionally. The more confrontational or sarcastic you are in your suggestion, the more apt he will be to turn down your request, since dogs can be comforting during times of duress.

    • 4). Contact the authorities, if necessary. If you have a bill of sale or other records of adoption, then you are not out of bounds by seeking outside help. Without such records, the police are reluctant to get involved, but if you have irrefutable proof of ownership, then it becomes an issue of theft. Only exercise this option if all other methods have failed.

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