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Link Building Using Images - Why Images Are Not Worth 1,000 Words

If you only read one sentence from this article, then read the next one.
Too late.
You already read the first three now.
Really, all joking aside: don't use images for your links.
Why? If you recall from other articles I've written about building links on your website, you might recall a very lively discussion about using anchor text to send a message to search engines about what type of content they might find if they followed your link.
Search engines then use these clues to help them determine how well your website does when listing relevant websites when folks are searching for those keywords.
So, what happens when you use an image instead of anchor text? As of the time of this writing, search engines cannot determine what an image is actually showing and so they have a hard time determining how to judge the link to your site.
Does the image convey a site to avoid? Does the image say it is a really great site for people looking for XYZ? It can't tell so, it has no choice but to give it a bland, half-hearted, OK you linked to this site but for what reason kind of record keeping.
If at all possible, try to use links that are text based and appropriately, descriptively text based.
Personally, I have a really bad habit of using "here" as a text link too often.
As in: Click "here" to see the information about XYZ.
Bad, bad, bad James.
Don't do it.
I should, instead, use the "XYZ" as the link or something else that describes what it really is that I am linking it.
So, perhaps you can learn from my mistakes and do a better job at linking with appropriate anchor text than I do.

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