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I Still Think Of My Ex-Girlfriend Every Day - 6 Tips

Scientific research has shown that being in love is in many ways identical to having a chemical addiction; love actually affects your brain chemistry. If you have an ex-girlfriend who you still think about every day - even weeks, months or years after your breakup - it is clear that she left a lasting impression on your mind and on your heart.

The question you should be asking yourself now is: is it worth pursuing your ex-girlfriend again or should you just let her memory go and move one?

It is never easy to decide for sure what to do when you are still longing for your ex-girlfriend.. After all, the "normal" breakup process involves the initial drama of the actual breakup, followed by some lonely days and nights, and finally with a recovery period that heals the heart. If you find yourself hanging on to your memory of her more than a few weeks, you have a challenge on your hands: your heart has not quite healed yet.

In your heart, you may still be saying, "I still think of my ex-girlfriend every day." Here are the pros and cons of trying to get back together with your ex-girlfriend:

Cons (Or, Reasons to Move On):

1. You are not 100% sure that you ever really loved her. If you believe that most of your attraction to your ex-girlfriend was physical but that you did not genuinely love her, this is a clear sign that you should give up and move on.

2. She cheated on you repeatedly. Anyone who has been cheated on during the course of a relationship will tell you that the feeling is pure hell. If your ex cheated on you - especially if it was more than once - you should count yourself lucky that you two are now apart. Time to move on!

3. She is in love with another man: As difficult as it is to admit to yourself, if your ex is now in love with someone else, it is time to hang up your chaps and put the horses back into the stable. Your relationship is over.

If one or more of the above situations describes the two of you, your best option is to try to get over your addiction to your ex and move on.

Pros (Or, Go After Her, You Fool!):

1. She shows signs that she still cares: If your ex occasionally sends you texts, e-mails or calls you, she is obviously still thinking about you. Even if she is just acting like a friend, she clearly still carries some sort of torch for you.

2. You realize she was the best thing you ever had: Looking back as objectively as you can, do you believe that she was the best thing for you and that you could never find someone who would treat you even better? If "yes," put a mark in the "go after her" column.

3. There is still a place for her in your life: Look around at your life the way it is today. Can you picture your ex comfortably fitting into your life again - or have you re-arranged things so that she doesn't quite fit anymore? If you can see that she would still fit quite nicely in your life, that is another mark in favor of getting her back.

If any of these three situations fit you, you may want to actually think about trying to get her back again.

Only you can decide your best "next move" in terms of your ex. Hopefully, you now have a bit more self-knowledge so that you can properly address the situation. You can now either move forward with a decisive plan to get back together with your ex-girlfriend or to move on with your life once and for all.

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