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How Much Space Is Really Necessary Before Trying To Get Back The One You Love And Lost?

When you and your ex broke up, he/she walked out saying that he/she needed space to think things over.
You can understand this - everyone needs time alone now and again.
The only thing is, how much time will your ex need before you can try getting your ex back? This is an extremely difficult question to answer.
Each and every one of us is different with different wants, needs, and opinions.
Some of us want and need more, while others can do with a whole lot less.
There is no difference with the situation you're in.
No one, not even your ex can say how much space he/she will need to think things over.
Getting your ex back now means that you are going to have to exercise patience until your ex is ready to talk to you again.
It means that you are going to have to accept the fact that you are not going to see you ex for some time - it could be a few days, it could be weeks or even months - nobody knows.
At this point in time you should make getting your ex back the last of your priorities.
You are not sure how long it is going to take, so it will be a real waste of your time and energy to think about it all the time.
Make yourself your top priority right now.
Your break up was an extremely traumatic experience for you, so put all thoughts of your ex out of your mind right now.
Your ex is doing what he wants to do, and you must do the same for yourself.
Try to enjoy the fact that you are single again.
You are free to do just as you please so take advantage of this and get back into the social world again.
Go with the flow and let your friends help you to get over your break up.
Have fun with them and become a whole person again.
The time will come when your ex has had enough time to think things over and decide what he/she wants to do.
If you still have the same deep feelings for your ex as you do now, then go ahead and do something about getting your ex back.
You're free to do as you please so it's your choice.

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