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The Best Exercises to Get Rid of Love Handles

Learning how to get rid of love handles is mostly a matter of learning how to do the exercises for getting rid of them.
Surprisingly, these exercises are simple to do; the reason why many people have trouble learning how to get rid of love handles is because they don't know about these exercises! Armed with this knowledge, you can get rid of a difficult fat deposit for good.
Trunk Twist The trunk twist is the first exercise to try in your journey to learn how to get rid of love handles.
These are fairly simple exercises to do, but you do have to stick with them.
Stand up with your legs at shoulder width and slightly bent.
Turn your palms out as though you are going to push something and then turn your torso to the left until your face and hands are facing to the left while your abs remain straight.
(If you are puzzled by this, try standing with your back to a wall and then try reaching the wall with your arms still held out straight and your abs facing forward).
Then turn to the right.
Do this ten to fifteen times in groups of three.
Lying Twist The lying twist is almost a version of the trunk twist, but done while lying down.
Just like the trunk twist, this exercise can get rid of love handles if done regularly.
Start by lying on a mat on the floor (or on the floor) and raise your legs slightly bent at a ninety degree angle.
Then slowly lower them to the right until your outer thigh is touching the ground.
Repeat for the left side.
Do these reps 10-15 times or more if you're not 'feeling the burn'.
Lying Leg Raise This exercise is pretty simple to do, but you'll be able to get rid of love handles before you know it.
Start by sitting on a bench with your legs straight out.
Then bring them in to chest level, squeezing your abs while you do this.
Repeat about 25 times and increase when necessary.
Oblique Crunch The final exercise to master in order to learn how to get rid of love handles is the oblique crunch.
This final one is pretty easy to do too, though you'll definitely feel as though you did a workout at the end! In essence, the oblique crunch is a modified version of the old fashioned stomach crunch; you lay on the ground and bring your elbows up to your knees.
However, instead of going straight, twist yourself to the right or left as you go up so that your elbows touch the outside right or outside left of your knees.
The really fantastic thing about these methods of learning how to get rid of love handles, aside from their effectiveness, is that these exercises are 100% free and can be done in your own home.
If you want to learn how to get rid of love handles, learn how to do these exercises!

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