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How to Get a Car Out of a Muddy Ditch

    • 1). Walk outside your vehicle and look on the ground to see where you're digging or kicking up mud, which determines whether your vehicle is front-wheel or back-wheel drive.

    • 2). Place an item your tires can grip behind the drive tires. If you have tire ramps those will work, but you can really improvise here and find some sticks or pieces of wood or even use floor mats to give your car a bit of grip.

    • 3). Straighten your tires out completely. Use your foot or any convenient object in your vehicle to get as much mud away from your tires as possible to create a path for you to drive out of the ditch.

    • 4). Feather the gas lightly in first gear, then switch to reverse and repeat. Do this from eight to 10 times to see if you can get out of the mud.

    • 5). Call someone to pull you out if you can't get any traction to drive out of the ditch. Don't continue to dig yourself in.

    • 6). Connect a tow strap to the rear of your car in the ditch. Hook one end to a tow hook or solid part of the frame and the other end to the trailer hitch on the truck pulling your vehicle out.

    • 7). Put your car in neutral and let off the brake while the person towing you puts the truck in four-wheel drive and slowly accelerates to remove slack on the tow strap. Steer in the direction of the tow and prepare to put on the brakes once your vehicle becomes unstuck.

    • 8). Call a professional towing company if you cannot get out even after being pulled, since you may damage your vehicle or the one towing it.

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