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Resistance to Learning a Problem and Challenge of Our Time

It is amazing the problems in the world where people will not take the time to learn new things.
There is a significant resistance out there to learning.
Resistance to learning; well indeed, the average person never reads a book again after they graduate from High School so you can imagine the problems with someone like me who has been known to write 16,800 words in a day and then read 10 white papers to unwind and three chapters of someone else's book? Thus, trying to communicate with humans that keep reciting the evening news as what they swear is their opinion from a knowledge base standpoint and merely pointing out the talking points that played over and over again every hour for the 5 hours they tuned in the boob tube is simply uneventful after a while.
One thing that bothers me about higher education is not only what they teach, but how they teach it.
I seriously do not believe that many of these degrees that are handed out are worth the paper they are written on, perhaps toilet paper? Not to be demeaning, but I eat their lunch in the market place, they simply cannot perform.
I am not along in my thinking on this subject and yes I hate to be so harsh, but the young lady who mentioned this topic, resistance to learning, to me also mentioned: "drones" in the work place?" Yes, I see that and it is amazing too, as if it was not bad enough out in public? It seems outrageous sometimes, how things have changed? Or maybe they were always like this, either way, I hope you the reader agrees this is unacceptable and at least make sure you do not become a drone too.
My female friend also stated: "I'd much rather spend my time with people who have a thirst and a desire to learn than with people who a resistant to learning at all.
Of course, me too and hopefully, you the reader also agrees.
Unfortunately, what I see after giving so many speeches at colleges to students and then talking with them in the lunch rooms, online, in libraries, bookstores, studying at Starbucks, etc.
I have often gotten into conversations with them about their subject matter and even given them information about the latest "goings on" in the subject, but truly they are frank with me sometimes, they do not care, they care about the test and memorizing the information.
Yet if they would stop fighting it and really care about the subject then the information would imprint itself on their brains and be there forever as long as they used it and recalled it now and again.
Can you see how serious this problem is and why this is such an important dialogue?

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