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Top Five Florida Colleges and Universities

Florida is situated in the south-east direction of the United States and is becoming popular for its academic opportunities as it has been known for entertainment venues in a traditional way.
Following are the top five universities in the Florida which also includes online colleges in Florida.
University of Florida The University of Florida is the biggest academic institution in Florida and the third-largest university with 35,000 + undergraduate students on campus.
It is located in Gainesville, the state's northern portion.
It was established in 1853; today the campus of this university has grown up to 150 research institutes and centers.
Enjoying a 'Public Ivy' designation and well-known for its excellent academics, Florida University has a student life which is thriving.
Amongst the list of America's Best Colleges in 2007 the University earned 49th rank according to U.
News and World Report, in 2007.
University of Miami Established in 1925, the University of Miami is a nonsectarian academic institution, in Coral Gables city of Florida.
It is located in the center of metropolitan Miami and has 10,000+ undergraduate students studying in this university.
They have endless opportunities for research and local internships.
Most of this University's academic programs are highly rated, its business departments are nationally recognized by Business Week and U.
News and World Report.
The university earned 52nd rank by U.
News and World Report.
Florida State University Located in Tallahassee city of Florida, Florida State University and is one of the leading academic institutions.
This is the second largest university if Florida and currently there are 31,000+ undergraduate students on campus.
The university was established in 1851 as a research institution.
Some of its academic courses are highly in demand and are considered 'limited access' and is very competitive to get admissions.
These courses include visual arts, theater, dance, film, communication, and business.
Miami Dade College Centrally located in the urban Miami-Dade County, Dade College is the largest of its kind in the nation.
The college enrolls more students compared to any other college in the state of Florida.
Currently there are 51,000+ students enrolled in its campus.
The college officially began in 1960 and was the first junior college in the state.
Miami-Dade has manages to maintain its open-enrollment policies while as online college in Florida continues to improve its academic courses.
University of Central Florida Lesser known than other universities in Florida, the University of Central Florida is in reality the largest school for undergraduates in the state.
It was established in 1963 with the intention of training the technicians employed in nearby Kennedy Space Center, but now has expanded with offering a multitude of academic programs.
Today there are 39,000+ undergraduates students enrolled at Central Florida.
It is also a thriving online college in Florida with degree courses for students across the world.

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