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Lab Grown Meat?

I recently came across the question, 'would you eat lab grown meat?' without hesitation I knew I would not.
Out of curiosity I decided to ask the question of others.
A few who responded would be willing to try it, but most say they would not.
Why bother to create meat in a lab? I wondered this myself so began searching and found a few different reasons, first being the sole purpose of replacing industrial farming.
Even spoke up on that reason citing their widely known opinion on animal rights.
A huge complaint with industrial farming, aside of the treatment of animals is its use of fossil fuels.
The production of meat in a lab may reduce this some studies suggest.
A second and very common reason is the potential to ease the growing problem of world hunger.
There is already a great deal of outrage over the unnatural growth boosters, artificial foods, and antibiotics that are given to industrial farm animals.
We are consuming these things when we eat the animals.
If the production of live animals is abused with chemicals to increase yields I wonder what alterations would be made to cells grown in a lab for the same reasons.
I have many concerns when it comes to artificial foods, be it genetically modified produce, hormone and chemical filled meats and of course the possibility of lab grown meats.
First and foremost is would it be safe? Proponents of course would say yes and even suggest it could be healthier than conventional meat.
Healthier you say? Hmm, to make it healthier that suggest not simply growing but actually altering it.
It has even been suggested to be the case, the possibility of removing the unhealthy fat that gives beef its flavor and replacing it with the healthy omega 3 fatty acids of salmon fat.
Yes, combining two animals on a genetic level.
We know plants have mutated from our tampering and gene splicing-why do we think it wouldn't happen with this Frankenmeat? We continually try to work around the damage we've caused, ignoring mother nature's ability to adapt to our tricks.
Ignoring the cause and only tending to the effect.
I recognize the call and necessity to help put an end to world hunger, and the potential scientific methods that could be used.
I also know we've heard of a cure new method, genetic modification from Monsanto rings a bell.
What has been the result, and why do we think the newest scheme will fair better? With the potential mass production of meats and the potential dismantling of industrial farming as some hope will result, I wonder what will happen to smaller family farms? Will the availability of this new food product drive up the cost of real meat? Will meat harvest from an animal become a product only affordable to the wealthy? There exists already a large divide between the quality of food available to lower income families.
Just a few of my concerns, please share your thoughts.

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