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Visconde de Mauá

About Visconde de Mauá:

Located about 125 miles from Rio de Janeiro in the Mantiqueira mountain range on the Rio de Janeiro-Minas Gerais border, Visconde de Mauá is actually a group of three villages - Visconde de Mauá, Maromba and Maringá - belonging to the city of Resende. Part of Maringá is in Minas Gerais.

Known simply as Mauá, the region is one of the most popular mountain destinations in southeastern Brazil, with waterfalls, mountain climbing, hiking, and a wonderful collection of inns and chalets which offer the best of mountain comfort.

Visconde de Mauá Waterfalls:

Escorrega, or The Slide, is one of many waterfalls in Visconde de Mauá. What's so wonderful about Mauá's waterfalls is that they're fantastic playgrounds, forming slides and pools.

In another perception, waterfalls in Mauá are inviting and sensuous, and - weather permitting - great for a romantic dip. But in winter, when Mauá is more romantic than ever, it takes bravery to go swimming and couples will enjoy the saunas and hot pools at the area's chalets a lot more.

Climbing and Hiking:

Pedra Selada is one of the local mountains that attract climbers and serious hikers. Nearby Agulhas Negras ("Black Needles"), in Itatiaia National Park, are more challenging and can only be climbed with an authorization from the Brazilian national park service.

Cultural Wealth:

In Visconde de Mauá, there is a rich interplay of cultures that greatly enriches the travel experience. Mountain folk, earth-loving tourists, a remnant of the 1970s hippie community and urban professionals who have started a new life in the area, usually opening chalets and inns, converge to create the unique atmosphere that helps make Mauá so attractive.

Where to Stay:

Browse the lodging listings available on the official site of the Visconde de Mauá Tourism and Commerce Association (click Hospedagem).

Other listings are available on Visconde de (click Pousadas).

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